Christian Business Leaders provides Committees as a way to develop skills that can be used to enhance business skills and professionalism. Additionally, committee time is used as another way to build community, work as a team, and glorify the Lord through our work and our organization.



The Fundraising Committee seeks to show God's love to others through events while encouraging one another in faith through community. 


Parties and special events

The Parties and Special Events Committee provides CBL with creative, uplifting, and memorable events that strengthen CBL's community by utilizing gifts God has equipped our members with. 


Professional development

The Professional Development committee is responsible for enhancing the professional skills of CBL members throughout various events and workshops. They also organize and implements Mays’ annual ‘Mays Talk’ event.



The Inreach Committee is tasked with providing community building opportunities within CBL. They provide unique and creative environments to seek relationships built on faith and encouragement.



The Outreach Committee exists to organize ministry opportunities for CBL. Their goal is to serve the Bryan/College Station area with the same love Christ has for us. They provide CBL members opportunities to share their witness through evangelism and community service events.


external relations

The External Relations Committee provides newsletters, events, and networking for CBL alumni and parents. They provide communication  through e-mail and social media. They also connect parents and alumni with current CBL members in professional networking relationships.



Media Committee works as a consultant to all of the committees. They work internally to provide other committees graphics, video, photos, and merchandise design.