"Being in CBL is a visual reminder and testament of God's will and power. I've just seen so many people in CBL blessed this past year because they have stuck with Jesus. It is also a reminder of the impact we can have on others by following God's will because of how CBL serves others through outreach and mission trips."
-Daniel Webb, CBL member
"God's will is better than anything I could ever dream it to be. It is so important to seek his will at all times, especially when surrounded by people seeking personal glory and earthly riches. CBL has helped better prepare me to always seek God's will and how that looks in a work environment."
-Samantha White, CBL Alumni
"Most of my groomsmen were from CBL, many of them belong to the same church I do. Learning we all have varying functions and gifts that make us one body ready to be ransomed by our groom, Christ has been a humbling and God glorifying thing."
-Jonny Baker, CBL Alumni


Established at Texas A&M University in Mays Business School in 2003.

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Christian Business Leaders accepts applications for members in the Fall and the Spring semesters.